“Life is like a ten speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.”


To hone the skills of the students and draw out their creativity, various hobby clubs have been formed. The clubs, we have, motivate challenge and stimulate every child of the school. In fact, our clubs are the very epi-center of activity and are the pride of our school.

These clubs are executed by in charges wherein the students are trained to improve their literary, scientific and aesthetic skills.

Every student from Class VI to XI has been alloted the club of his/her choice. Every wednesday, the activities are conducted to enable the students to display their talent, skill and they are learned to improve it.

Literary Club:

When a tireless vision joins hand with an enthusiastic team of creative individuals, it leads to an emergence of new vistas. Our literary club, is a similar venture to promote the literary skills of our students. It aims at encouraging promising talents, so as to incorporate innovative methods of creation appreciation.

Eco-Science Club:

Children who have a scientific bent of mind, benefit a lot out of this club, because of the opportunities for experimentation, observation and analysis that go beyond the classroom. It enables students to pursue the scientific aspirations and to think out of the box. Apart from science, it aims at promoting environmental awareness among the students and the society.

Home Science Club:

This club initiates the children into the art of good cooking and serving. Baking, interior decoration, flower decoration, knitting, embroidery, crochet and vegetable carving are the highlights of this club.

Aesthetic Club: (Music, Art and Dance)

The artistic talents of our students are nurtured through meticulously planned activities. Painting, drawing and clay modeling are some of the areas our children are adept at.

Students are imparted training in Indian as well as Western music, dance and theatrical performance. This Club have not only instilled team spirit amongst the students but have bought constant fame and glory to the school.

Heritage Club:

Heritage Club aims to bring history and the social science curriculum alive for the students through active learning and doing. It promotes awareness of & involvement in heritage to inculcate a respect for diversity, tolerance, mutual understanding, patience and promotes peaceful co-existence in school children.