The school has House system to support activities- Curricular and Co-curricular. Students from Class-III to XII are divided in four houses viz., Freedom, Friendship, Honesty and Sincerity for conducting in-house compitions through healthy compitition.

The House system brings about a sense of belongingness, students work together as a team towards a particular goal. They are able to show talents and perform to their fullest potential and in a healthy competitive spirit.

The Houses are mentored by House Masters and House Mistresses for Juniors (Class-III to Class-VIII) and Seniors (Class-VIII to Class-XII) and are tutored by associate teachers.

The houses incharges of different houses are:



Mrs.Sheeba T
Mrs.Amita Chandra
Mrs.Amrita Sharma
Mrs.Archana Chaudhary


Mrs.Manju Rawat (House Warden)

Mr.Lalji Shukla
Mr.Alok Ojha
Mrs.Pratibha Jha
Ms.Anjini Shah


Mr. B.K. Mishra(House Warden)

Mr. Vipin Kr. Shukla
Mrs. Masarrat Arshi
Mrs.Sunita Yadav
Mrs.Sangeeta Sharma


Mr. H. C. Dubey (House Warden)

Mr.S C Nath
Mrs.Pratibha Sobhani
Mrs.Ashita Grover
Mr.Vivek Shukla