School Expectations....

School rules for Students...                                  Parental Co-operation...

  1. School Almanac should be brought by the students daily to school. It is not to be used as a rough note-book but used regularly by each student to note homework and instructions given by the teachers.

  2. Each child should read all the instruction given in the Almanac throughly. All students are expected to learn all the shlokas and songs to enhance their performance for Value Education Assessment.

  3. Students who come to school on their own should reach the school at least ten minutes before the first bell rings. Late comers shall be penalized and sent back home. Students who use own transport to reach school are to specially note this point.

  4. (a)    Students coming on bicycles to school should park them in the cycle stand.

    (b)    No student is allowed to leave the school by his personal conveyance without          permission or meet outsider/ex-students during school hours.

  5. The students must submit an application explaining his/her absence. Absenteeism for more than six days without information may result in the name being struck off roll.

  6. Students should always be neatly dressed in their wee-ironed school uniforms with their shoes polished and hair done. No fancy jeellery is to be worn. Growing of nails, use of nail paint and colouring of hair is forbidden.

  7. Sudents are expected to keep the campus neat and clean. They are advised to make use of dust-bins provided for throwing bits of papers and Say No to Polybags.

  8. Students are advised not to bring costly articles i.e. fountain pens, jewellery etc. to school. The school will not be responsible for articles or cash lost. Borrowing or lending money or other articles is strictlt forbidden.

  9. Students are advised to deposit unclaimed articles found in the school with their class teacher and check for lost articles from the Lost Property Articles at the school office.

  10. Students who come to school under the care of their escorts, shoul not go home on their own, but should wait for them after the school is over. Parents are responsible to ensure that their wards are dropped and picked up from the school on time.

  11. Students are not allowed to bring Mobile Phones, iPods, Walkman of Diskman to school. If such articles are found with any student it will be confiscated till the ned of term by school. In case of emergency, access to office telephone is allowed with the permission of the Principal.

  12. The students at Chinmaya Vidyalaya are expected to set a standard of good conduct and good behaviour in the school, in the bus, at home and at public places i.e. act as an ambassador of the school in all situations creating goodwill for the institution everywhere. They are expected to greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them.

  13. Parents are advised not to call for their wards from the class in order to attend any social function except in unavoidable cases.

  14. Appointment with dentist/doctor may desirably be taken on Saturdays or after school hours on working days.

  15. (a)    Group or individual play in the classroom and verandah is strictly forbidden.

    (b)    Running in corridors/verandah is not allowed.

  16. No student shall shout or whistle in the school building or use foul language inside or outside school.

  17. Students must take care of the school property. Damaging school furniture and propert, writing on the walls and disfiguring visuals is strictly forbidden. Any damage done to the school property will be severely dealt with and penalty imposed. It is individually or collectively recoverable from the defaulter/defaulters.