School Expectations....

Parental Co-operation...                                  School rules for Students...

  1. Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline. They should take personal interest in the child's academic performance and personal hygiene.

  2. Parents should check the Almanac daily and note the teacher's remarks. Monthly report and terminal examination results should be scrutinized and signed by the parents.

  3. Parents who seek information or who wish to communicate with respect to their ward's class problems may do so through a note to the calss teacher. Parents can meet teachers personally on a second Saturday as specified in the school calender in the Almanac or otherwise appointment.

  4. Parents should help students to treat the Almanac with care and due respect. A mutilated Almanac will have to be replaced by a new one.

  5. Parent's attendence for the PTM and other orientation programmes are obligatory. Parents are requested to co-operate as and when they receive intimation from the class teacher for betterment of their wards.

  6. During school functions parents are requested to kindly remain in their seats till the function is over, and take away their wards as and when announced.

  7. Parents and guardians who drop their wards to school are requested to do so just at the school gates and not upto the class rooms.

  8. It is important the the parents should go through the Almanac and sign the undertaking.

  9. Punctuality is a quality to be developed and strengthened.

  10. Transfer certificate is not issued until all dues are setteled. Caution money will be refunded at the time of withdrawl from the school, o the production of cation money deposit receipt provided all school dues have been paid or setteled.

  11. School admission can be terminated on the following grounds:

    1. Indiscipline.
    2. Unsatisfactory progress/performance.
    3. Long absence.
    4. Suffering from contagious disease.
    5. Non-Payment of dues in time.
    6. Detention in the same class for the second period.

  12. In case any student is found not up to the mark in studies/discipline/conduct, by the school teachers/Principal, he/she will be asked to leave the institution without prior notice and a T.C. will be issued with immediate effect.

  13. If the child or parent misbehaves with any member of the staff, the Pricipal has every right to expel such a student from the school.

  14. Absence without leave is seriously viewed and in case of 15 days consecutive absence without prior intimation, the name of the pupil shall be struck off the rolls. Readmission shal be at the Principal's discretion.