Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda on Education

Don't just invest on the child, also invest in the child Investment on' gives outer prosperity. Investment in' ensures inner unfoldment and lasting prosperity. True education is 'investment on' complemented with 'investment in' the child. Children are not vessels to be filled,but lamps to be lit.

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Aims and Objetives

To offer children a value-based and holistic education which paves the way for the Integrated Development of the physical,mental,intellectual and Spiritual aspects of the personality,enriched by knowledge of Indian Culture, a feeling of Patriotism and a Universal Outlook.

To mould children into young men and women of moral strength who can face the challenges of modern life with a smile and make a difference in the world by their positive contribution.

To give a practical and judicious combination of academic excellence,extra-curricular pursuits, character building and personality development.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Motto

"Keep Smiling"

CCMT Education Cell Motto

"Vidyaa Phalam Syaat Asato Nivrittih"

"True Knowledge removes all that is false in our lives."

It removes our ignorance,false notions and wrong attitudes and bestows(us with)Truth and Wisdom.