Value Education

Since we are living in a competitive world, we are compelled to toil, exert, sweat and work harder. All of us wants to beat the other and get ahead of it come what may. This has been fed in each one of us right from the childhood through generations to become smarter, intelligent and go -getter. Here Parents also want their children to stand up against all odds and come out as a winner. They don’t teach the children to take defeat also in the same stride. They have the personal understanding that my child should not suffer at any cost. They think that others may suffer for any reason because it does not relate to them. How selfish the world has become today!
Dr. Abdul Kalam has once remarked. “Until the education is linked with one’s livelihood we cannot hope to get Masters but servants only”. The formal education that the children achieve in the schools is the academic or intellectual education only.
Academic education is of prime importance in today’s day and age because it is the best way for an individual to achieve economic self-reliance and material progress. However, Academic education can only secure one a good qualification and a lucrative career. It is not designed to foster character formation and the delicate “art of man-making”. Academics can produce an efficient professional But, can it produce a fine human being? It is in this area that value education becomes vital in its need.
While academic education is more in the area of “information”, Value education concentrates on “Transformation”.  Transformation means the change of the individual into a higher plane of inner refinement and growth. True and complete education is possible only when both “Information” and “Transformation” happen simultaneously.
It is said that the world has become a smaller place and world is well connected but the people have become disconnected. After the advent of Information technology even though we are are all connected virtually but are we really connected.
Value education may thus be considered as the value –add to the present day academic education. This complements and completes the academic education.
Complete education= Academic education + Value education
It is high time to think where are we really heading for? Are we producing a lot which can read and write but not able to think. Are we people not producing literates but not really educated? I think that thinking is the most neglected part in today’s teaching and learning process in schools today. It is long forgotten fact. Students are evaluated and graded on the basis of their memorising the facts. I recall Pujya gurudev’s Quote “We are telling and teaching children hundreds of facts and figures which have got no relevance whatsoever for their future life”…………..

(Part 1)  to be continued……………..